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GF Blends was created in 2009 with the dream to help the gluten-free community. Through the years, our commitment has stayed the same: to provide quality services that make it easier for food producers and customers alike. Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions we’re asked. If you can’t find an answer to your question, let us know!


About Orders

What is your minimum quantity order?

About 350 pounds per product, but it depends on what we’re doing. We’re flexible and want to work with you, so let us know what your needs are.

Do you do private label or white label?

We manufacture many products that are available for relabeling with your brand. Contact us to find out what products are available.

Do you do large quantity sizes for packaging?

Yes. We can package five grams to 50 pounds or more. And everything in between. We’re very flexible.

Do you do sampling?

Yes. We produce samples and send them back to you for your approval before finalizing the product.

What’s your capacity?

We can produce 100,000 pounds of product a month, and we can scale up quickly, depending on the client. Give us a call so we can talk about your needs and find a solution that fits.

What’s your product turnaround time for the first order?

It can be three weeks to two months, depending upon the availability of ingredients, getting your labels, sending samples, finalizing your recipe, etc. Get in touch with us so we can narrow that window down.

What’s your lead time for production?

Our typical lead time is two weeks for production once your product has been finalized.

About Our Facility

Do you do gluten testing on products?

We do GlutenTox testing on all of our products, with testing for 5 ppm or 10 ppm of gluten.

Do you allow site visits?

Absolutely! Feel free to come and see us. Just give us a call and schedule a time so that we can make sure we can accommodate your visit.

Do you do baking or final preparation of products?

No. We are focused on providing mixes only at this time.

Can I store my product with you?

We can store your product for a nominal fee. The price depends upon the quantity.

Do you have a test kitchen?

Yes. Our facility has a test kitchen for product development and experimenting. This facility is available to all of our customers for the preparation of your product. Please call us in advance to schedule a time to use the kitchen.

About Our Products

Can you do anything wet?

No. We are a dry-mixing facility. We can do minor amounts of oils or liquids, but it needs to be 90% dry.

Can I specify sourcing for my product?

We have ingredients already on hand that we utilize for your product. If you use ingredients that we don’t have on hand, we work with you to identify them and source them. When creating your product, we provide you samples to ensure the final product is what you want.

Do you do fulfillment?

Yes. We can provide order fulfillment for your products.

Can you do allergens?

We can do allergens in a separate facility. However, we will not do peanuts or soy.

Does my product have to be gluten free?

Yes. Because we have a dedicated gluten-free facility, we will not produce anything that contains gluten.

Can you print my labels for me?

Yes. We can print your labels and affix them to your packaging. If you need help with creating a label for your product, we have partners we can refer you to for realizing your product’s vision.

Can you take care of shipping?

Yes. We can take care of shipping your products back to you, your distributor, or retailer.

Other Questions

Where are you located?

Our facility is in Richland, WA. However, we service the entire U.S. and are open to shipping products internationally.

What’s the next step?

If you’re ready to start working with us, give us a call at 

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