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Co-Packing Done the Right Way

Making your custom mixes is at the heart of what we do. GF Blends has a powerful process established to give you the products you’ve designed with the utmost care and quality.

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Our Co-Packing Process

It's Easy to Get Started Today

Step 1

Free Consultation via Phone

You can schedule a specific time with us or call us at your convenience. 

Step 2

We All Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We sign an NDA to protect your recipe and keep us all in alignment throughout the process.

Step 3

Understand Your Needs & Wants

We want to know where you're starting so we can give you appropriate support. We'll ask about your business goals and your product, review your recipe, and discuss packaging, labeling, etc.

To move forward in the process from here. we charge $150 per Recipe for product sourcing, cost analysis, and a product sample. (This fee will be deducted from your first production run.) 

Step 4
Existing Recipe Adjustments

We work with you on your existing recipe to ensure that the ingredients you need are available and that as we move into production the nuances of the recipe are established in your product to the high quality you want and need for co-packing.

Step 5

Send Pre-Production Samples

After a test run, we send you samples to finalize your recipe and product formulation and ensure that you are satisfied. 

Step 6
Finalize Packaging & Labeling

Before we complete the run, we make sure we have the correct packaging and labeling all set to fill with your product.

Step 7
Get Everything Approved

Once we are ready to start a batch, we need a Purchase Order (PO) with all the details for your order, this includes run size and any other needs you may have to make sure it's what you want.

Step 8
Start Production & Testing to Ensure Quality

We begin the production of your product. We conduct GlutenTox Testing as we go to ensure safety. Once your run is complete, we finalize delivery of your product.

Step 9
Now You Can Successfully Sell Your Product

Everything we have done together to this point is to help you successfully sell your customers a delicious, safe product they can enjoy.

Options Based on Your Unique Needs

No Matter What Your Requirements, We Can Help You Find a Solution

We do everything we can to help you with your needs. From small order to large runs, we have options that fit what you’re looking for.

carrot cake


Our facility is dedicated gluten-free for your product’s safety.

gluten free cake

Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free

Dedicated gluten-free and allergen-free facilities for added protection.

gluten free flour


We source all ingredients to our high standards.


Clean Label

We strive for ingredients free of heavy metals, pesticides residues and plasticizers.

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Standard to Ultra-Custom Blends

Whatever you need, we can help you create the right blend.

gluten free flour

Small to Large Batch Quantities

We work with you starting at a small batch size of 350 pounds to large runs of 100,000+ pounds.



All our products undergo GlutenTox testing at 5 and 10 ppm for your customers’ safety.

packaging and labeling

Packaging and Labeling

We can handle packaging and labeling from sachets to 50 lb bags.

Get Your Products into Your Customers’ Hands

After your product is created and packaged, you still need to get the product to your customers. GF Blends can ship your products to a thrid-party logicistics company or a distributor.

We Specialize in:



Let us know where we need to send your pallet and we will send it to the right place. Be it you, a 3PL, or a distributor, we can ship it! 

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Years in Business


Satisfied Customers

Over 4.2

Million Pounds of Product


of Hours of Step-by-Step Consulting

White & Private Label Products

If your business wants to add gluten-free products to your portfolio, we can help. We’ve developed products that are available to be used with your brand. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find something that fits your needs.

  • Increase or augment your portfolio with gluten-free products
  • Customization of products to fit your needs

Add sales without a lot of upfront costs with our white and private label gluten-free products. We have many products to choose from.


Make Your Products Even Better

Food Consulting to Improve Your Products

Getting your products to be perfect can be a difficult task. We can help. Our years of first-hand experience with gluten-free foods give us unique expertise in taste and texture. Whether you need your product adjusted or you’re having difficulty in production, let us help you make your products even more delicious.

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Recipe Review

We bring our expertise in recipes and double-check with you to make sure we got it right.

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Ingredient Alternatives & Sourcing Ingredients

When we review your recipe before we send a sample, we make recommendations on ingredients, and suppliers.

We have a wide variety of ingredients available that we trust and love. We only use ingredients from sources that ensure they are gluten free.

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