7 Reasons to Work with a Dedicated GF Food Packer for Your Next GF Product

What’s a Dedicated GF Food Packer? 

Are you a gluten-free company? Or someone who is creating a new GF product? If you want to see your gluten-free product out in the world, working with a dedicated gluten-free food packer is the right route. From GlutenTox® testing to gluten-free certifications, here are 7 reasons why you need to work with a dedicated gluten-free food packer, like GF Blends, for your next gluten-free product. 

  1. We Test All Products Anywhere from 5 PPM to 20 PPM 

At GF Blends, we use GlutenTox® in our facility to ensure all the ingredients we use to create products are gluten-free. A GlutenTox® test can detect gluten at as little as 5 PPM (parts per million). The FDA standard for something to be labeled gluten-free is 20 PPM, and under, which many people who have celiac can still get sick from. 

Testing for gluten is a priority at GF Blends, it ensures that the product is safe to eat, for you and your customers. Learn more about GlutenTox® and how GF Blends uses it in our food manufacturing process here.

  1. Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free is Our Specialty 

GF Blends is a dedicated gluten-free and soy-free facility. This is our specialty! As a food packer, it’s our job to create quality gluten-free products for you and provide high-quality service through our co-packing process. We specialize in all dry blends, including gluten-free baking mixes, flours, and other products.

Having us co-pack your products for you can save you time and energy. From sourcing ingredients, blending the ingredients, and getting them into the right packaging and shipping, GF Blends does it all. Saving time is key as a business and we understand the importance of quality work. 

We’ve been doing this for over 14 years, and we have helped hundreds of customers through the co-packing process. It can be a journey to create a whole new mix or product and we are here to help you along the way. 

  1. Sourced High-Quality Ingredients

We source high-quality ingredients from suppliers and manufacturers we trust. It’s important to know and trust the ingredients being put into your product, that way you know your product is gluten-free and tastes the way you expect it to. We only use the best and most trustworthy ingredients.    

With over 300 different ingredients, we can find what you need. We are always working closely with our suppliers to help us find what we need to support our clients in whatever new GF creation they think of next. 

We want to make it easy for you to bring your gluten-free product into the world. With us as your co-packer, it will save you time and money, and it’s our goal to take all the hassle out of packaging. 

  1. We Are Certified by Third Party Audits Like GFCO, & SQF

GF Blends is certified by GFCO (gluten-free certification organization) as a GFCO food producer. This is one of the global leaders in gluten-free certifications. Being certified by GFCO ensures that the products are safe and trustworthy, and you can use their iconography on the packaging. This ensures that customers with celiac or gluten sensitivity can recognize and trust gluten-free products to be safe.

We also have an SQF,  or safe quality food certification of compliance, and other certifications to ensure that our facility is clean and safe, and the food is produced at a higher standard of quality, which protects our clients and their customers.

SQF is also recognized as a global certification. SQF is a statement on dedication to the safety and quality of food products, which is required by many well-known stores and grocery chains, like Whole Foods, as you get into product distribution. It’s particularly important if you are working on getting your products onto grocery store shelves.   

Being certified and working with a co-packer who meets these standards is one of the most important factors in trusting a gluten-free food producer. Passing these audits and meeting the requirements is a long, dedicated process, with recertifications, reviews, and continual education. We are committed to maintaining and keeping these standards. Here at GF Blends. our top priority is that you are 100% confident your product is how you need it to be, gluten-free, and safe to consume. 

  1. Gluten & Allergen-Free Lines

At GF Blends, we have separate facilities, a gluten-free (Red Line), and gluten and allergen-free (White Line). These facilities make it so you have a safe and trustworthy environment for your gluten-free products. 

The red line is dedicated to gluten-free as well as no:

  • Peanuts, 
  • Soy 
  • Fish,  
  • Crustacean Shellfish
  • sesame

We do work with allergens on this line including tree nuts, eggs, and dairy. 

We have a variety of product types that we can co-pack on this line including dry baking mixes, custom flour blends, and more. 

Our white line is dedicated to gluten- and allergen-free, removing the top 9 allergens. 

This includes no:

  • Milk or Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Fish 
  • Wheat
  • Tree Nuts
  • Soybeans
  • Crustacean shellfish 
  • Peanuts 
  • Sesame

The white line is and always will be allergen-free.

Having both, the red and white lines is very beneficial to our clients and their customers. All products are made on dedicated equipment and cleaned and sanitized regularly according to our operating procedures and our environmental monitoring program. This ensures no cross-contamination and safe products that you and your customers can count on.

Regardless of which line you use for your product, we can package everything from bag-in-a-box, bulk products, to pre-printed bags. Just let us know what you need!  

  1. We Understand the Importance of Quality Products 

As a family, we have been living with celiac for over two decades. At first, it was creating blends for us, our extended family, and our friends. However, diets all around the world started to change and we saw that there was an unmet need for safe gluten-free products that tasted good. We started GF Blends to help others get their gluten-free products created and ready to share with the world. 

  1. We Have Worked with Over 100 Customers

We have worked with over 100 customers and produced more than 6 million pounds of gluten-free products. We have over 14 years of experience as co-packers, and a lot of personal experience being part of the GF community.

If you are ready to get started it’s simple, give us a call or schedule a time to talk with us, and we can see what it looks like to get your product ready for the world to enjoy. Need small batches? We’ve got you covered! Need a larger run? We can do that too! 

We’re looking forward to talking with you more about your needs and we’d love to work with you as your dedicated gluten-free food packer.

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