What is Bag in a Box Packaging and Why You Might Want it for Your GF Product?

What is Bag in a Box Packaging?

When looking at packaging for your gluten-free products, it is imperative to know what your products are being packaged in and what that might look like. In today’s market packaging can make or break a product. If you are looking for a more traditional package or one where you can have multiple bags included in a box, bag-in-a-box packaging may be right for you. 

Why You Might Want a Bag in a Box for your GF product?

With bag-in-a-box packaging, many benefits will help your product look professional. No matter what the product is, brownies, pancakes, or cake mixes, here at GF Blends we can help you find the right packaging. Here’s what you need to know about bag-in-a-box packaging and why you might need it for your product. 

Bag-in-a-box packaging is a safe and allergen-friendly way to get your product out into the world. 

The box is created and the bag is then placed in the box after being filled with your product. Any other ingredient bags you may have for your product are also placed in the box. The box is glued shut, with a timestamp and extirpation information, and your products are then packaged to be ready to ship to you. 

After every run on our machine, we follow our sanitation procedures to ensure no cross-contamination happens.

Our facility houses both red and white line products. Now you may be asking what is the difference? 

Red line products are made on a dedicated gluten-free line with allergens like dairy and eggs and white line products are made on dedicated equipment for both gluten and allergen-free needs. For more information on the production lines in our facility the red line and the white line you can click here

Having these red and white line products separate ensures no cross-contamination for your product. Our co-packing facilities are made to keep your product safe no matter the packaging. 

Bag-in-a-box packaging is also a more traditional style of packaging for products such as baking mixes. It can help with standing out on grocery store shelves, as it looks similar to “traditional” baking mixes or baking mixes with gluten. If you want your product to wow customers, a bag in a box is the way to go. With this method, you can also have multiple bags in a singular box, such as a seasoning packet.   

This is opposed to a print bag or a premade printed bag that we fill with your product. Which is also a great method for packaging products. However, it may not stand out among other GF products. This all comes down to choosing the right packaging for your product and how you want your product’s design to look.

What’s the process like?

You’re now ready to take the next steps in sharing your gluten-free product with the world, and you’re interested in bag-in-a-box packaging. You might be asking, what’s next?  First, you must make sure that your recipe is ready After you have your free consultation, you will sign an NDA with us to protect your recipe. 

It’s a good idea to have your nutritional information for your product ready. It helps let customers know what they are consuming and that your product is gluten-free. If you need help finding and creating that information, we can also help with that. As we source ingredients, you will have the option to make adjustments to your recipe so we can get it finalized according to what you want. 

Then, we need to know what you need. What volume are you looking for? How many pounds of product are you wanting to sell? After we get all this and some other information it’s time to start test running. Once everything is in order and you’re ready to place your purchase order, we take it from there.

The minimum for the bag in a box packaging is 2000 boxes or around 800 lb. While we can’t store your product in our warehouse, we can ship it wherever you need it to be, and we are dedicated to supporting you through every step of your journey. 

Is Bag in a Box Packaging with a GF Co-Packer Right For You? 

A bag-in-a-box packaging is a great way to package your product. From its traditional style that helps it stand out, to its adding other bags within the packaging, this is a great option if you want to sell your gluten-free product on a shelf at the grocery store. It’s important to find the right packaging for you and your product, bag in a box is a great option that has many advantages. 

As your co-packer, GF Blends is here to help you, from start to finish.  Get your gluten-free product out into the world, in a safe, gluten and allergen-free environment. We are committed to helping you find the right elements for your product. Every customer is different, and we want to work with you to address your needs.
If you need different accommodations for your product, like box sizes or product amounts, let us know, and we can help you find a solution. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today and see if bag-in-a-box packaging is right for you and your gluten-free product.

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