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Written by Glen Call

May 3, 2021

On Friday, April 23, President Biden passed the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research Act. In doing so, he issued for labeling of sesame as an allergen on all food packaging. This is great news for those suffering from a sesame allergy, estimated to be more than 1.5 million people. Their reactions can be like those of people with peanut or tree nut allergies, namely life-threatening. The Act is also looking into more allergen research. The Department of Health will prioritize allergen research to keep up with new major allergens.

This new research could add on new allergens for companies to label. The US had eight major food allergens, now nine, thanks to sesame. The EU has 14 allergens for companies to watch out for, like celery and mustard. If this new law deems that allergies like the EU’s are liable for relabeling, companies will need to think about how to move forward with their products.

The law doesn’t go into effect until the first of January 2023, giving companies enough time to figure out what to do next. This leads to one of two options for companies.

  • Option 1: reformulate your recipe to remove sesame as an ingredient.
  • Option 2: update all your labels and packaging for your sesame-laden products.

Both options can be expensive and take months to make modifications to packaging, labeling, or formulation. However, there is a third option that companies might not be considering.

But you can.

You can take sesame seeds out of your product and relabel them, but you can do something even more provocative as an investment. You can make a completely allergen-free product. This will comply with the new sesame regulations. And it will make your products completely allergen-free, making your business open to more customers and more profit. Since more than 32 million people in the US alone have food allergies, opening your products to their needs will increase exposure to that group, not to mention the families and friends they live and eat with. More companies that sell allergen-free products will be open to you and your business, as well as their distributors. And expanding your customer base means opening your company to more profit, as allergen-free products can be hard to find and enjoy.

As companies figure out what to do, you can get ahead. Look into what’s best for you and your company, whether it’s remaking a recipe, relabeling a product, or revamping a brand. Regardless, sesame seeds are the new allergy. See how you can take this new law and help yourself, your company, and your customers.

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